Checking off to-do-lists, that’s what I’m doing this week. And on my yearly to-do-list I have added making monthly wallpaper calendars for the blog. This month you can find seasonal fruit and vegetables on the downloadable calendar. I’m not sure which themes I will use going on forward, as I realised today that I can’t change the seasonal fruit and vegetables every month. Pretty obvious, but apparently I needed some time to come to this conclusion. We can’t all be as quick as we wish to be.

You can download the full size wallpaper by clicking on the image below. I’ve also created a hashtag in case you cook/bake/eat seasonal veggies or fruit, you can use the tag #theseasonsonyourplate when you post it somewhere. It’s pretty appropriate I think. Let’s see, what else? Ah yes, please let me know if you have anything you’d prefer to see differently layout wise. It’s the first wallpaper I made, so I’m open for comments!

And if you are wondering how this picture was made. I transformed part of our living room into a dark studio. Now I have to clean up the mess.behind the scenes

Are you able to find all these vegetables and fruit in your local grocery stores? Which do you find most difficult to find? I find it very easy to buy local seasonal produce here in France, but I can imagine some vegetables are either not common or forgotten in some places.

And one last question, just to get me on the right track blogging wise: which winter vegetables do you find most complicated to cook with? I was at a friend’s place yesterday and she said turnips for example. Maybe you have another ‘problem’-vegetable?

I really hope you enjoy using this wallpaper calendar. I will definitely use it!