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Chestnut confiture with chestnut honey recipe

By  •  2 years ago

I think we are having a very good chestnut season this year. Normally we go into the forest two or three times during this period to forage all the chestnuts …
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Deliciously creamy basic hummus recipe

By  •  3 years ago

In my ongoing effort to eat less cheese, I have been trying to expand the palet of spreads that I can easily make from scratch at home. Why spreads? Well, …
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A festive breakfast with vegetarian birds’ nest buns or rolls

By  •  3 years ago

Even though one might think that this is the ideal recipe for an easter breakfast, I strongly believe that these vegetarian birds’ nest are perfectly served at every festive occasion. …
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Scandinavian seed crackers with gomashio

By  •  6 years ago

I have to share this recipe with you. It’s so easy and the result is so crunchy and delicious, that I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a sheet of crackers …
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Tavce gravce a Macedonian baked bean casserole recipe

By  •  6 years ago

Tavče gravče (Тавче гравче) is the name for a traditional dish we make in Macedonia. It’s a white bean casserole. Besides beans the dish contains a variety of vegetables, of …
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Ajvar, a-jar-full (of comfort)

By  •  8 years ago

Ajvar [ajвар]! Or Ajver – whatever you prefer – is one of those terrific foods from my youth. Back then it was a real comfort food, since I didn’t have …
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Pear ice-cream

By  •  10 years ago

I have been watching these pears the last couple of days. They were a bit old and when I tried one it was tasteless. All the freshness had left the …
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