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Italian style low sugar hazelnut cookies

By  •  4 years ago

I have been experimenting with quick cookie recipes the last few weeks and I hope to be sharing them the here during this winter. They will all have a nut …
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Winterfood tarte tatin with orange confiture and onions

By  •  8 years ago

At our recent visit to the Netherlands, we took the time to meet up with friends and family. People prepared tasty food for us in return and amongst those great …
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Caramelised coffee honey sauce on banana kasha

By  •  9 years ago

A few days ago I stumbled into a recipe on the beautiful blog of Apples under my bed. It came exactly at the right time as I was searching for some …
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Winter breakfast kasha – buckwheat porridge

By  •  10 years ago

The word kasha /каша. I know it, but it doesn’t bring up very defined memories of a specific dish. I can only link it to texture and consistency. In my …
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Appeltaart, dutch apple pie

By  •  10 years ago

Appeltaart is the dutch word for ‘apple pie’. I know I’ve complained earlier about the dutch cuisine, but I have to admit that the dutch apple pie is a masterpiece …
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Cherry Jam with Rosemary

By  •  11 years ago

Cherry season it is. A week ago the cherry season was only starting and the cherries weren’t ripe. But we were eager and the cherries tasted very good already so …
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Dandelion syrup recipe

By  •  11 years ago

Last week I promised you to post the recipe of the dandelion jam if it was a succes. Well we tried it this morning and it was a big succes! …
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Pear ice-cream

By  •  12 years ago

I have been watching these pears the last couple of days. They were a bit old and when I tried one it was tasteless. All the freshness had left the …
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