During spring and summer I try to pick a weekly bouquet from our garden. I started doing this last year and I am doing it again this year. I just walk around in our garden and see whatever is blooming and put it together in a vase.

monday bouquet from the garden5

Last year in spring we were very surprised about all the flowers that were growing in our – then – new garden. We were really excited about the summer that was about to come. In summer we realised – by the lack of summer flowers – that most of the perennial flowers that bloomed in our garden were spring flowers. Boohoo… 

This year we are enjoying the perennial spring flowers again in our garden and in anticipation of summer we sowed many flowers to fill the flower gap that we felt last year during summer. What are your favourite cutting flowers for the garden? For me this weeks bouquet is my most favourite one up till now this year. But I’m sure it will only get better! I’ll post my weekly bouquet here.

monday bouquet from the garden2

monday bouquet from the garden6

monday bouquet from the garden1

monday bouquet from the garden3