For two long years we have been trying to sprout an avocado pit. We failed every time we tried. The pits never sprouted or began to mould during the process. We tried different avocado’s from different origins. But nothing seemed to help. Somewhere in spring of this year, we decided to try once more.

We did our best to keep the avocado pit under water with it’s bottom. We didn’t do anything else. Then months later, no, not weeks later – like most people say – no, really months later, we suddenly saw a small root come out of the pit. And very slowly in the following months the pit cracked partly and got a little stem on top. Almost a half year later we were able to put the pit in soil. This was a little over a month ago.

I made a few pictures of the – very straightforward – process and on the bottom you can see how great the avocado plant now looks. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an avocado plant look so great. We now have four stems growing out of the pit. I’m wondering if that’s normal? I also am not sure what I should do with the plant now. I believe it should grow much taller first. So we’ll keep feeding/watering it. If you have an older avocado plant, feel free to give me your advise!