Sunday is usually our market day. Today it wasn’t, as we were too lazy to stand up very early. The market that we usually visit, closes up at noon. There is no time to take it easy, which normally is ok, but after a tiring – though fun – week, it wasn’t really an option.

cherry strawberry rhubarb jam8

Our garden rewarded our laziness with two full meals. We had a pancake brunch with strawberry-cherry-rhubarb confiture and for dinner we ate a soup and quiche with broad beans, peas and some other greens from the garden. May I point out that it’s only May! In a month we will have so many greens that we will be tempted to open up our own market. No, not really.

cherry strawberry rhubarb jam1

It was the first time we could use the great copper confiture pan, that I got from Eduard as a gift for my birthday. It was super easy to make. I even had the feeling it went much quicker than in a normal pan. The confiture had a perfect texture.

The complicated part was that we had to find out how you are supposed to make confiture in a copper pan. It’s a different procedure, as you have to add the sugar from the start. You are also not allowed to make a confiture with acid fruits without using sugar in these kind of pans as you can get copper poisoning. Scary uh?! Well, as long as you use sugar from the start, you should be ok. You have to mix the fruit and sugar in a bowl and then place it in the pan and then you are all set to go. I must say the result was really much better than a normal pan and the cooking went much more smoothly. So I’m happy.

Let the jam making season begin!

cherry strawberry rhubarb jam2

cherry strawberry rhubarb jam4

cherry strawberry rhubarb jam5

cherry strawberry rhubarb jam6

cherry strawberry rhubarb jam7