It’s harvest time! Harvest time for most of my favourite veggies. We have tasted our first tomato this week and today we harvested swiss chard for the first time and round courgettes as well. Yum! I love Swiss chard! It has a lot of the same characteristics as spinach, but it tastes and looks much better (I think). As for the courgettes, they are cute and round and firm and fleshy. Perfection that we will be enjoying for months from now on. We have tons of courgette plants and these are one of those plants that will keep on making new crops till the end of the summer as is the swiss chard btw. 


chard2Swiss chard is harvested by taking away the big leaves and leaving the small leaves to grow bigger during the season and harvest them later on. It’s a bi-annual plant, so apparently you can harvest it again next year, although it grows differently by then. I’ll show you how it looks next year.

chardomelet4We used the veggies immediately and made a veggie omelet with it. We used this old recipe and exchanged the potatoes for courgettes and didn’t cook them, but just baked everything instead. It tasted delish!

egg chard omelet