This past few weeks I was able to join another test group for an adult size pattern by the talented Elles of Misusu. In a previous post I wrote a bit about how I met Elles and why I’m particularly happy to test her makings, so I won’t elaborate on that anymore here. Today I only want to share my enthusiasm with you about her new design, the STEREO sweater. Oh boy, how I love this one.

It’s just the most amazing sweater for this autumn and winter. I already made two wearable pieces in one go, which wasn’t the case for the DIA sweater (due to personal sizing issues that I talk about in my previous post), so this one definitely won my heart with being so much on point with my body curves. Let me show you the two tests that I made.

Test number 1: the warm and cuddly outdoor sweater

For the first test I made an outdoor STEREO sweater. You can see that one below. It’s made out of a wool-poly mix and the blue highlights are just a normal fleece. It is a bit oversized, but that’s the point of the sweater. This was a size GG blended to JJ+ on the bottom. This one I can wear on my hikes and at least from the front I will be visible for hunters (the back is black). It’s also just the cuddliest sweater of them all.

I made this version in a normal length (which was shortened in the pattern later), but there are many more lengths and sleeve options in her pattern. The pattern is very suitable for curvy and plus size makers out there. It has a comfortable fit, so even if you fall just outside the charts, I think you can make this pattern work for you.

Test number 2: the Santa’s helper a.k.a. the Super hero tunic

As it often goes in these kind of test groups, there is always a second version of the pattern which is made with some adaptations that came back from the test panel. The normal length for the sweater was shortened as I mentioned before and the fit was made a bit less wide.

I was in need of a tunic dress though, so I chose to lengthen the second version of the sweater (with about 20cm). You should never restrict yourself by what the pattern designer offers as a length. Length is the easiest adjustment in patterns. I did size down one size for the top part to make the sweater a bit more fitted for my tunic version. So for the next version I made a FF blended towards a JJ+. I also chose the V shaped neck piece this time over the rounded version of the last sweater.

Then I added pockets. Because there is really no point of having any kind of garment without pockets. I thought long and hard about what kind of pockets I wanted to add and with the help and inspiration of others in the group I came up with this V-repeating front (from the collar) which hides a kangaroo pocket with a yellow background. Love it!
I think in this version I resemble Santa’s helper, but somebody else said that it reminded her of a super-hero outfit. Either way, I feel mighty in this sweater.

I’m pretty sure that these sweaters will get worn down very quickly this winter, as they will be on very frequent rotation. Let’s be fair: yesterday I wore the green tunic and today I am wearing the cuddly orange sweater. What can I say, I will need a STEREO for every day of the week. I will start with version 3 next week. I already found the perfect fabric for my STEREO dress. It will be a 10cm longer version with no bottom band. Grey and black as they main color. Can’t wait to show it to you.

Pattern availability

The STEREO sweater pattern will release next Friday November 29th, together with Misusu’s BFCM sale! If you don’t want to miss the announcement, you can follow Misusu here. And to see what my team mates made out of this same pattern, you can follow the hashtag #stereosweater on Instagram. More and more makes will be dropping in the upcoming days.