TV dinners don’t have to be unhealthy, do they? We are into the World Cup right now, so we spend our evenings around the tv. We have been following games that were of interest in the past rounds, and all the games in this round. Yesterday was of particular interest as the Dutch team played (and won!) and tonight is also somehow special as the French team played (and won!). 

basil tomato mozarella pasta2

But you are not so much interested in football/soccer I think, so I won’t bother you too much with it. Back to the food, from the garden. We are harvesting like crazy around here. These were the tomatoes I took off the bushes today, what an amount right? This is the first BIG tomato harvest this year. As we anticipated it, Eduard bought some good mozzarella this weekend to accompany the tomatoes and basil at an easy tv-dinner. 

I just sliced the tomatoes. Made a pesto sauce with some olive oil & basil. It’s actually more a basil-oil than a pesto sauce. I find it as tasty as pesto and it’s less heavy I guess. And then we topped the mozzarella off with some fresh basil leafs. Pinch of salt here and there and it’s all done. I guess less than 15 minutes work. Perfect to make in the match break. And perfect to eat in the second half. 

If this doesn’t convince you to start growing tomatoes and basil in your garden or on your balcony – most of the tomatoes in this meal are grown on our terrace – then I don’t know what will. It was delicious. Hoping for many more dinners like this upcoming summer. Preferably eaten on the terrace though.

basil tomato mozarella pasta5


basil tomato mozarella pasta7


basil tomato mozarella pasta8


basil tomato mozarella pasta9