A long long time ago I promised you a tutorial on how to make your own chocolate milk sticks!
I finally made some today during daylight, so now I can show you how to make them.


So what do you need?

1. Chocolate (white, milk or pure) (as much as you want!)

2. Silicon form cups (as big as you want them to be)

3. Spoons

4. Herbs (cinnamon, speculaas, chili, cardamon) or honey

4. Wooden ice cream sticks

5. Cutting board (as underground for form)

6. Saucepan

7. Bowl


#1: Prepare

1. Make sure that you have all your herbs ready in small cups with spoons and keep your wooden sticks nearby

2. Put the silicon cup holder on your cutting board (it’s easier if you want to move it later)

3. Melt the chocolate au bain marie (chocolate in bowl, bowl in water, water in saucepan on low fire)

4. Place melted chocolate next to silicon form (I’m not that tidy, so it’s easy to have it next to each other)


#2: Fill cups


1. Start filling the cups with the melted chocolate.

2. Put some of the herbs on top (only if you want to)

3. Push the herbs a bit into the chocolate so they stick with the wooden ice cream stick.

4. Push wooden stick in middle of the chocolate.

5. Now do the rest. I normally first fill the tray with chocolate and finish the trey with the herbs and sticks afterwords. This works better, because the chocolate will be a bit harder by then.

#3: Keep it clean

Now put some plastic over it to let it stiffen up!

The chocolate is wet so it welcomes all dusty things! Let it lie down for a few hours.


#4: Take them out

The silicon form is very easy for this part. You can just pop them out of the form.


#5 Store them

#6 Enjoy :)

You will notice when you have made these, that your milk will run out very fast!

If you’re too lazy to make them yourself, just come by on the 13th of December to the Funky Sunday Market and get some at my stand!

Some last tips: let your milk heat up very well! That makes the melting process easier. If you think the milk is not chocolaty enough in the end. Just add more cocoa in the beginning and mix it through the chocolate!

Did you make chocolate sticks out of this tutorial? Please link it here. I would love to see them! :)