The harvesting season for green unripe walnuts began nine days ago for me this year. A bit late, but summer came late this year and everything moved on a bit. I harvested a big pot full of walnuts and followed this recipe for the first part of the process. So for eight or nine days in a row I have been changing the water of the walnuts twice daily and yesterday the walnuts were finally dark enough to be processed. They became so dark that they reminded me of this beautiful necklace I bought from Anastasia last year.




If you try this recipe, please let me know if it works out for you. And don’t be discouraged by the long preparation time. You basically only change the water daily during that week. No big deal really. I’m so enthusiastic that I will try out a few different flavours soon with the new batch of walnuts I took off the tree. Stay tuned and don’t forget to wear gloves and dark clothing when peeling these walnuts. They leave pretty bad stains, which are first watery yellow but turn black and can’t be washed away.