We came back home this Saturday and since then we’ve been eating fruit & veggies from the garden. We did our groceries on Sunday, but basically only got a few kg’s of apricots, a watermelon and a few avocado’s. Because we are not growing them, or because they are very much in season (apricots) and I want to preserve them for later this year. We didn’t buy anything else fruit & veggie wise. We can now survive off our garden I think. It’s still not extremely productive as it’s raining a bit too much, but definitely enough for the two of us to live on.  It’s also still producing more than this time last year, but I kind of imagined bumper crops now with the great pre-season we have had. But, hey, I’m shouldn’t be complaining. It’s just an adjustment of expectations.

And with this strange weather, we also get out-of-season crops that we somehow need to combine in recipes with crops that are in season. For example our romanesco broccoli already went into flower! Normally we could eat flower shoots in late winter or early spring, but due to the diverse weather conditions (one week it’s 40C and the other 18C) they went into flower much too early. I wanted to use them before they really started to bloom so I decided to add them on top of a summer pasta dish as a crunchy extra.

We ended up with a nice summer pasta I must say, even though it was just randomly thrown together with everything that came out of the garden.

What would you need:

– pasta
– good mozzarella
– cherry tomatoes
– kale/cabbage flower sprouts (if available, otherwise replace it with asparagus or broccoli)
– young courgette
– basil oil or pesto (ideally homemade)
– garlic
– pistachios
– oil 


Cook the pasta and while you are doing that, prepare the other part of the dish. Take the small hand of pistachios and grill them in a hot stir frying pan (no oil). Take them out and place them somewhere for later. Heat up some oil in the same pan and add the garlic. Then slice the young courgette (ours was only about 12cm) and grill them on both sides in the same pan (with oil). Then add the sprouting flowers and stir them together. Now add the basil oil or pesto. 

When the pasta is ready, just place this mix on top, add the mozzarella & some tomatoes and finish it off with the pistachios. You will be probably ready in less than 15 minutes. 

It all tasted very nice. And because it was so simple, we could taste all the individual flavours of the vegetables. Tonight we’ll experiment with some of our own potatoes and the very last asparagus from our asparagus bed. 

veggie garden pasta