As unbelievable as it might seem, we discovered another fruit tree in our garden. It took a half year to find it, but we found it and when we did we were excited. As excited as you can be with a real fig tree! It’s like finding a barrel with gold in your garden. It sounds strange, but after finding two apple trees, two cherry trees and two plum trees we thought we had reached the end of our luck. We couldn’t be more lucky than that, but apparently we could! And now we are patiently waiting for it to be ready to pick the figs….

fig2There is something wrong though with the fig tree. We think at least that something is wrong with the fig tree. A week ago it was extremely warm here and the leaves started falling off. Not all of them, but some of them turned yellow and fell off. We are far away from autumn at the moment, so we kind of assumed that something was wrong with the tree. We just don’t know what. My immediate reaction to these kind of things is that I try to find out if other people in our village also have the same kind of plant/tree etc. and then I try to see if it has the same “problem”. I then assume that other people know more about keeping up that plant/tree. Which means that if another fig tree also has falling leaves, that it’s probably ok or normal. 

fig3In this case unfortunately this kind of problem solving didn’t give any reliable outcome. Our village has tens of fig trees and half of them still have all their leaves and the other half lost them. I still do think it’s pretty normal, maybe our is just a different variety. Anyway I tried to solve the mystery of the falling leaves by googling my way around fig tree blogposts, but couldn’t find any reliable source of information about falling fig leaves there. 

I did find a lot of good looking fig recipes instead. I can’t wait to try them out in a few weeks with our own home-grown figs.


And I stumbled on another interesting, but mostly inspiring good gardening/ housekeeping video as well. Yes, I know it’s not about figs, but that’s the curse of the youtube, you start watching relevant video’s and end up watching interesting, but less relevant ones. And hej, to be fair, she is wearing a fig coloured blouse on the video.

By the way, if you do know what’s wrong (or right) about our tree, please share, because we don’t do give a fig.