Like in many other parts of this world, it’s winter here on our mountain in France. And owh boy, what a great winter it is. It’s still not cold or white enough for the locals I believe, but for us it’s really a treat. I praise ourselves lucky that we can enjoy these kind of views every other evening. Sometimes it’s accompanied by snow and other times just with a bit of sun or lots of clouds.

Now and then it feels like we are in overtime. Our two years in France ended in December. We weren’t supposed to be here anymore. I find myself making pictures of this view from our terrace several times a week, just to have a visual memory of this ever changing beauty for the future. For the moment that we leave. The moment that we move on. To something better? So many guests in our house have told us that we are never going to get a better view than this in our future life. It can be a bit worrisome.

Whenever I find myself pondering, or when I’m kind of unsure of what the future will bring us or the world in general, these views slap me back to reality (while I’m making the pictures). The force, or energy of these surroundings makes you live in the now and not worry about the future. And although words like ‘force’ or ‘energy’ sound very restless, it actually does the opposite with you. It slows you down, me at least. I can really loose myself in these views and regain peace in my head. Over and over again, whether I see the view in real life or just on a picture on my screen. All will be good.

That’s why I wanted to share this one with you, it might do the same with you. And if this doesn’t do the trick for you, you probably have, or can find something in your own life that has the same power over you. It can be your passion, your loved one, your children, or anything else that grounds you in this specific period of your life.

view on the mountain