A few days ago the strangest thing happend. Eduard put in a request for a kasha breakfast. I never expected that to happen, as Eduard isn’t too fond of breakfasts. And more importantly, as eating kasha was one of my ‘we need to eat more healthy’- urges. I kind of thought Eduard was just playing along with me. In the meantime the game has apparently become a real deal, and porridge or kasha has become a steady breakfast template in our house. We love it and eat it at least twice a week I think.

I try to mix and match different ingredients every time I make a batch. A batch generally is good for one and a half or two breakfasts. I keep the leftover in an air tight container in the fridge and warm it up with some extra milk the next day. I use different ingredients and different toppings while working around the kasha I blogged about before. That’s my starter-kasha.

turmeric kasha porridge

What I do is, I always start with buckwheat that I bake in a bit of oil and then add the amaranth or quinoa or whatever I’m using. After that I add the milk and shortly after that I add the other grains like flaked spelt or any other type of oats. I also add the seasoning at this point. I cook it up for about 15 minutes and then add a bit of honey or other type of sweetener (if the milk hasn’t been sweetened already).

After that I leave it in a hot closed pan and go for a shower. When I return, the kasha most often is still warm and all thickened up and ready to eat. I only have to do the toppings. I most probably will have roasted some nuts to put on top and some fresh fruit. To finish it of I sprinkle some hemp seeds, black sesame or anything else on top.

It’s really not a real recipe I’m using, I just try to adjust the ingredients in a way that we don’t eat the same kasha every time. As I said, I mix and match a bit with colours, seasoning, oil, milk, fruit and nuts.

turmeric kasha porridge-2

turmeric buckwheat kasha

So what about the pictured kasha? The turmeric one. It’s a turmeric porridge or kasha. It was a really delicious one. Due to the colour it looked a bit like a curry for breakfast. The colour matched the taste as well, it wasn’t overly sweet, because I only added a tiny bit of honey to accentuate the sweetness of the hazelnut milk. I can’t give you an exact recipe how to make it, but you can use the basic recipe here and use the ingredients I mention below:

Turmeric kasha ingredients:

the kasha itself
– buckwheat
– amaranth
– hazelnut milk
– honey (do not use, if the milk is sweet)
– turmeric
– spelt flakes
– mixed oats
– chia seeds

– a fresh pear
– hemp seeds
– black sesame
– roasted pistachios
– roasted buckwheat

I hope you are courageous enough to try this out without a recipe. Do let me know if you bump into any specific problems. If you do try and like it, I’ll post some more coloured kasha’s over the next few months that you can try out yourself. You’ll be able to find all the recipes on ‘kitchen’-page under breakfasts on the left side of the page. I’ve arranged everything in a way that it’s easy to find. *hopefully*

turmeric kasha porridge-1


My basic kasha
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